Questions and Answers

Do you sell your originals?

We paint digitally, using a tablet computer and stylus, rather than the traditional easel and brushes. The painting process and end result when printed are almost identical, but this means that there is no physical "original" painting.

What is digital painting?

Our paintings are created using a series of digital processes that varies from composition to composition. Typically, we start by taking a photograph of the subject, which forms the basis of the composition. Various types of software and image editing tools are employed to create a new, unique digital interpretation of the photograph.

Using an artist's eye, we ignore irrelevant detail and choose not to paint elements that would detract from the final composition. The digital simulation of the traditional creative process includes use of a defined colour palette and the placing of brush strokes of various sizes, from underpaint to detail, onto the representation of a real canvas.

Do your prints come ready to hang?

Yes. Our products are produced with the highest quality materials and already have the hanging fixings installed on the back. All you need to do is put them on your wall. Of course, if you order a print-only product, you’ll need to organise the framing yourself.

What do your frame sizes mean?

Our quoted sizes refer to the area inside the frame (or actual dimensions of a canvas).

So, for framed prints, you need to know that the frame will increase the overall dimensions of the product and that the actual size of the print will be scaled down, because of the mount. All of our frames are 2 inches wide. Our mounts are also 2 inches wide.

Any other questions?

We'll be happy to answer any other questions that you may have. Please get in touch here.